Friday, June 25, 2010

Preventon Anitivirus 4.1.65

Preventon Antivirus is simple to use, Fully functional, powerful anti-virus for home users.It is a effective antivirus provides professional solution to home PC users.It also protect you against notorious online threat.The AV engine ensures that end user can rest assured that their PC are fully protected by a world class antivirus software.
preventon antivirus

Prenventon Antivirus enables the user to be sure that it is under the protection of world class program.

Features of Preventon Antivirus
  • It provides corporate quality protection to home users so user can buy client side AV protection  software and share it at an affordable montly subscrition rate.
  • It is very simple to use and has a appropriat interfance gives a easy solution to non-technical home users and ensure they are never presented jargon or complex dialogs.
  • The antivirus provide you two stages protection sheild agaist latest threats,worms and virus.The real time protection provide user automatic protection against trojan,worms and virus and automatically scan your files and attached emails and ensures that no infections can into your operating system.
  • Through second stage protection you can use run scans on can get high and deep level protection against latest viruses,threats and torjans.

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