Monday, February 7, 2011

Avg Antivirus Pro 2011

Avg Antivirus Pro 2011 Review-It is a popular antivirus software for home use. Guaranteed by the manufacturer of rapid updates virus database, ease of use, low system requirements - the main benefits of AVG products. AVG Anti-Virus provides powerful protection against viruses and spyware in Windows 7, Vista and XP. AVG products are designed to fight against the threat of infecting your computer and data loss.You can download Avg 2011 free.

Avg Antivirus Pro 2011 includes the following modules:
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware removal tool: protection against viruses, worms, spyware and trojans
  • Anti-Rootkit: protection against hidden threats, the spread of malicious content
  • Identity Protection: Protection against new and unknown threats
  • Link Scanner Search-Shield: mapping of security assessments in real time to all the search results of search services, Google, Yahoo and MSN / Live
  • Link Scanner Active Surf-Shield: real-time protection from poisoned web pages over the Internet
  • Web Shield: Check the downloaded files and protection against accidental contamination of instant messaging
Avg antivirus pro 2011
AVG Anti-Virus 2011 real-time analysis:
  • All files including documents, photos, music and applications
  • E-mail (it supports all email programs)
  • Instant messaging and P2P communications
  • Files and online transactions such as shopping and banking
  • Search results and any other web-links
Benefits of AVG products:
  • The level of protection needed
  • Our specialists are always looking for new challenges, so we can quickly develop new means of protection.
  • AVG products protect over 80 million PC users worldwide.
  • Easy to use security
  • AVG products are easy to download, install and use, have minimal impact on system performance.
  • Technology, awarded
  • AVG Security System certified by all major independent certification, such as the ICSA, Virus Bulletin, Check mark (Lab West Coast Labs).

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