Friday, January 7, 2011

Avira Premium Security Suite

Avira Premium Security Suite with this comprehensive protection: Includes basic and advanced antivirus protection, email protection, Anti Phishing, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Adware PLUS: Anti-Spam, Firewall, Web Guard (Safe Surfing), mode game and more. " full security for workstations! The virus repeatedly throughout the world and received and used against malware protection by over 30 million users now also with Web Guard!

Avira is a German antivirus software company. Its antivirus applications are based on the AntiVir antivirus engine, launched in 1988. It was called "H + BEDV Datentechnik GmbH" when it was founded. One of the antivirus software, AntiVir Personal is free for personal use. Avira is launching a new program of comprehensive protection for end users and small offices and home workers: the Avira Premium Security Suite is a combination of brand-new firewall and Avira anti-virus software AntiVir Personal Premium.

Even less experienced users can cope with threats to the safety of many of the Internet with the central, intuitively operated user interface of the suite.

Protection of high-end security:

• AntiVir stops all types of viruses
• Anti Ad / Spyware removes ad / spyware
• Anti phishing proactively protect against phishing
• AntiRootkit against hidden threats rootkit
• cons Anti Drive by downloading prevents viruses when browsing
• AntiBot prevents dangerous bot networks
• Email Protection Email Scanner Enhanced
• Web Guard protection against malicious websites
• Rescue System create a bootable rescue CD
• Backup System configurable data backup solution
• AntiSpam filters out unwanted email
• Firewall protection against hackers
• Game Mode game without interruption
• Quick Removal kill viruses at the touch of a button NEW!
• Net book Support for laptops with NEW low resolution!
• Websites Parental Control block inappropriate for Kids NEW!

Highlights WebGuard:

• Check Internet downloads against viruses
• Recognizes defective files before they are loaded on your computer
• Affected websites can be blocked, isolated or ignored
• Files and URLs can be excluded from consideration
• Works independently of the browser you are using

Spy Emergency 8.0.705.0

Net Gate Spy Emergency Review-It is the anti spyware, anti malware, anti spam solution that fast and secure removes spyware, malware, spam and other internet threats from your computer. Spy Emergency protects you against thousands of various infections and potentially unwanted software, including spyware, adware, spam, virus, trojans, worms, homepage hijackers, remote administration tools, activex components, dialers, scum ware, keyloggers, data mining software, toolbars, tracking cookies, browser, hijackers/BHO's. Spy Emergency do not slow down your computer and still protects you while your are working not like others spyware removal software. Spy Emergency has more than 985,000 threat definitions in its signature database! Small and regular definition updates greatly reduce update downloading time. Spy Emergency is ready to fight malware on Windows Vista operating systems.
Spy Emergency Features:

• Support for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers
• Scan of your system memory
• Scan of your registry
• Scan of your storage
• Built-in anti-spam
• System directory storage scan
• Tracking cookies scan
• Host file scan
• Hijackers scan
• Heuristic malware detection
• Polymorphic malware detection
• Generic unpacker with support for UPX, Aspack
• Command line interface
• Automatic LSP stack repair
• Real-time memory shields that blocks spyware before it executes
• Prevention shields that blocks malware installation
• Browser shields, including homepage shield
• Tracking cookies shields
• Automatic database updates
• News updates
• Individual spy restore functionality
• Keep list
• Scheduling support
• Simple configuration
• Intuitive and clear user interface for spyware removal
• Handy Shell Extension Scanning
• Skin support
• Language support
• Premium Technical support
• and much more...

Iobit Security 360 1.5.16

Iobit Security 360 review: It Scan and remove malware that the deeper your antivirus missed!
IObit Security 360 is an advanced malware removal utility that detects spyware and removes the most deep infections, and protects your PC against various spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms and hackers' s air. With the unique "Dual-Core" engine and malware detection heuristics, IObit Security 360 detects spyware more complex and profound and malware in a very quick and efficient. IObit Security 360 has a Protection against malware real-time and frequent automatic updates to prevent security threats, zero-day. IObit Security 360 can work with your superior security antivirus PC. Designed for Windows 7, Vista , XP and 2000 (32-bit and 64 bit), Security IObit 360 can work with your superior security antivirus PC.

Features and Benefits:

Complete Care PC Security
Antimalware, antispyware, anti-adware, anti-Trojan, Anti-bots, and more. There will be no antivirus and firewall features in this version, but we can help you defend any threat Antivirus delicate and complex.
Currently, there is no solution that offers a rate of 100% efficiency for detecting viruses and malware. You can become a victim of misleading advertising, if you buy such a product under those premises.
1-click solution and very easy to use
Traditional advantages of IObit. We love the simple and automatic.
Very fast and light
Thank you to the unique "dual-core" anti-malware engine, complex analysis can be faster now.
Find the deepest infections
We use DOG (Digital Original Gene), a novel heuristic detection for malware to find the most complex threats.
Automatic updates and frequent
IObit Security 360 team is ready now.
Work with all antivirus products
Everyone needs a skilled antivirus software, IObit And Security 360 will surely be the best companion to your current antivirus.
Free for Home / Non-Commercial Use
Scan Remove is free, and real-time protection is free as vs avg. There is no need of keygen ,serial or license code.You'll love this small but powerful anti-malware software.