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Webroot Spy Sweeper detect and remove all common forms of spyware including Trojans, system monitors, key loggers and adwareSpy.Sweeper scans now and removes spyware in just minutes.Spy Sweeper is a software that will detect and remove spyware and adware.Even the most vicious spyware like Cool Web Search and Look2Me are no match for this solution powerful anti-spyware.
Featuring a refined detection and quarantine process, Spy successfully roots out all types of spyware, adware, key loggers, system monitors, Trojan horses, cookies, and more Sweeper.
Once spyware is detected, the quarantine feature allows users to easily manage spyware by safely removing it without harming other programs on the PC. When it comes to removing spyware, Spy Sweeper is second to none.
webroot spy sweeper
Spy Sweeper will now not only remove adware programs, but to take cleaning a step further by wiping away the lingering effects left behind such as desktop shortcuts and Start Menu icons.
Spy Sweeper continuously protects you with minimal disruption by operating silently in the background and updating threat definitions automatically to defend against new threats, giving you peace of mind to surf the Web safely.
For advanced protection, Smart Shields constantly keep your browser and operating system, stopping spyware in its tracks.
With a dozen shields, including the new ADS shield, Spy Sweeper prevents spyware installations instantly. Trusted by millions worldwide to protect their PCs, Spy Sweeper has a spyware easy to use interface that makes flying simple and painless.
Customizable options give you the convenience and control you want, including program files and folders to scan, how frequently Spy Sweeper should scan your system and when these tests should take place. With Spy Sweeper, all users on a single PC get the full protection of the software.
All users can customize Spy Sweeper for their personal use, providing maximum protection with ultimate control. Backed by customer support this trial version contains all the bells and whistles version of the regular price.
Choose a Quick, Full or Custom Sweep: With Spy Sweeper, you can easily choose to perform a quick scan, complete or custom. If you are looking for an immediate diagnosis, choose a quick sweep. To search revealed, customize your sweep to have Spy Sweeper skip files by folder or file extension. For deep cleaning, opt for a complete scan.
Exclude Files from a Sweep: Spy Sweeper allows you to save time during a scan by ignoring the specific files or different sections of your PC. You can select specific file extension such as. Xls or. Mpg to exclude.
Other highlights:Once installed, Spy Sweeper offers 360 degrees of protection against spyware, including:
Simple Sweeps: Detecting spyware and removing unwanted programs found on your computer in three stages effort
Management easier: Just set up quickly and the program options, scanning and upgrade Fast Home: Use the home screen to access the most commonly used functions of Spy Sweeper Shields Summary: A redesigned shields summary page makes it easy to see at a glance who are on or off guard Action Alerts: Receive clear, easy to understand notifications when new spyware threats are detected. Easier to use.
We conducted extensive testing and interaction with the user interface refined Spy Sweeper to make it even easier for users of all technical levels to remain protected. Advanced users continue to have the power to configure the program to meet their unique needs, while new users can breeze through the simple setup and menus. The new interface sets the standard in ease of use and effectiveness of programs to remove spyware.
Commanding Spyware Detection and Removal.
Spyware is known to mutate quickly. Spy Sweeper uses adaptive definition technology for detecting spyware mutations that have not yet received a defense definition. It is yet another advantage of having the world's best research team of spyware on your side.
More powerful blocking defenses
Improving Smart Shields prevent highly developed spyware programs installed on your PC forever. You'll receive valuable action alerts to any changes in the basic functions of your computer, including startup, memory and Internet security settings.
Improved rootkit discovery methods
Malicious spyware uses rootkit technology to bury its files deep within your PC. Spy Sweeper finds and destroys these programs with robust methods to discover rootkit, a feature many other antispyware programs lack.
  • Advanced detection Spy Sweeper and removal capabilities are effective fully removing spyware that is known to be difficult to eliminate. Even the most malicious spyware are deleted in one pass
  • You will not scan and restart your PC a number of times with Spy Sweeper - one shot and your PC is clean.
  • Webroot Spy Sweeper now supports Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system. Why add Webroot Spy Sweeper to your Windows Vista machine? Demand malware blocking by default built into Windows Vista does not adequately protect you. Users need a proven IT security solution that provides real-time protection against all forms of spyware and viruses.
  • Spy Sweeper Smart Shields block sophisticated spyware threats before they can infect your PC. This new version of Spy Sweeper advances the industry standard in spyware blocking, blocking threats like Trojan-Downloader-LowZones and SpySheriff not install first. With Spy Sweeper on your side, you can easily keep your PC spyware free.
  • Spy Sweeper uses a risk assessment test when detecting spyware to let you know how dangerous spyware programs are different - some may pose an immediate danger to your personal information while others are simply annoying . Spy Sweeper gives you a quick overview of each threat, what it does and its potential danger. It's just another way we help you make informed decisions to keep or remove unwanted programs.
  • The Spyware programs morph frequently. Spy Sweeper is superior in detecting spyware using its database of reference points to protect yourself against these threats. Check for updates manually or Spy Sweeper to receive these updates automatically - so you can set it and forget it.
  • When you buy Spy Sweeper for your computer, its protection covers all users on that PC. The software is managed by a primary user and all users can customize Spy Sweeper for their personal use. You get maximum protection with maximum flexibility.
  • You'll receive essential information on the latest spyware threats, right in your Spy Sweeper application. Webroot is the leading authority in spyware issues. We share our expertise to keep you ahead of the threat.
Processor: 300 MHzD
Disk Space: 100 MB hard disk space
Ram: 256 MB RAM
Browser: Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher or Firefox 2.0 or higher

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