Sunday, July 31, 2011

Malware Defender

Malware Defender is a tool that has the ability to protect your computer from viruses, worms, trojans, adware and more. This application is a Host Intrusion Prevention System which includes an integrated firewall. Simple and easy to use, the application in return for an advanced way of detecting any damage to your system.

Some of its features include the powerful system of real-time protection that monitors all activity on your computer, detects any form of malware, and supports the learning mode; manager kernel module, which detects and eliminates all the modules nucleus and hidden threats detector hooks, which detects and destroys SSDT, shadow SSDT, IDT hooks, etc., a process manager, which detects, suspend and resume processes and hidden threats, file explorer, which detects files and hidden files and offers a registry editor, to name a few.
Malware Defender
Malware Defender 2011
Malware Defender.exe removal
Malware Defender is designed for advanced users and requires some knowledge on the interaction of registry and the behavior of applications to be exploited. In this version of the French language is added and some minor bugs have been fixed, for example, a bug with the uninstaller.

The Malware Defender has ability to monitor the process of registry and suspicious activity.It also detect hidden,unsiged process,threads and modules. It has ability to show and delete NTFS alternate data Stream.