Friday, June 25, 2010

Vipre & Conterspy Definition Files

Keep Vipre up to date with latest definition files.VIPRE is a high-performance security software that will not slow down your computer like older, traditional antivirus applications. VIPRE is the end of antivirus software as you know.
vipre virus definition download
Viper & Counterspy Definition Files download
How To Manually Install Virus Definitions
  • Download the most recent definition file for your language to your computer
  • Open VIPRE (right-click on the tray icon or double-click on the shortcut put on your desktop)
  • From the main menu, select "File" and choose "Settings..."
  • In the "Update Now" section, choose "Browse"
  • Navigate to where you downloaded the file
  • Select the file you downloaded and the installation will proceed automatically

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