Saturday, September 14, 2013

FBI Virus Removal Instructions

Nowadays a latest internet virus is disturbing most PC users. This is a unique ransom type virus message appeared when your PC got infected with FBI Virus. You receive a false FBI Cyber Crime Department message appear continuously that you are involved in negative activities like downloading pirated movies or music or download any teenager porn material and requests to lock the computer. This is a false message and purpose is take ransom from PC users to free from these crimes.

The virus disabled the access to your personal computer and demand ransom money between $200 to $500 to set your personal computer free and regain your access. The virus directed to pay the ransom amount through prepaid card called Green Dot MoneyPak. The purpose of this card is transfer ransom money in dollars to different country. If unfortunately you got stuck in this problem and pay the ransom amount but your personal computer is still in locked condition and what will be the next step to resolve this problem.

FBI Virus Removal

The virus is introduced in August and known as Reveton Ransomeware Virus and starts forwarding a false message that on behalf of FBI’s Internet Criminal Complaint Center that your are involved in criminal activity. The virus program forces the use to clicks on negotiation web page and stay there for a minute. The virus then ultimately blocked the user’s desktop and shows the message that you are involved in Cyber Crime and break the FBI’s Law.

The screen blocker virus administrate from the USA to control the consumers by a group known as Urasy. This is a ransomware and according to report, different versions of this virus have already been multiply to different countries. As this is an internet threat, so the route of this ransomware is your IP address. This virus identify your IP address and than penetrate in your system. The result of this threat is false message appeared on your screen on behalf of FBI Cybercrime Department and this will block your desktop screen. This is the sign that your computer is now got infected with ransomware infection.
FBI Virus Removal Tool

The main source of this virus is internet so you either got infected through email or may be you trap through a tricky web page as there are lots of versions of this virus. This virus neither infects nor destroys your valuable data. This ransomware can remove manually if you have some technical knowledge of Windows operating system. You can also repair this virus through some technical or computer experts.

FBI Virus Removal Tips

The removal of FBI virus is very easy and most computer experts recommend following tips to eliminate this ransomware manually from your personal computer. The steps are appended below:

Step 1: Reboot your computer and press F8 before it starts in normal mode, select the option run computer in safe mode.
FBI Virus Removal Free

Step 2: Press and hold Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the Task manager window to stop the running of FBI Moneypak Virus/ Spyware. Click on the services tab and click to close the services running with the name of FBI Money Pack Virus or some other name which gradually changes rapidly and shows different name each time.

Step 3: Once you stop the services of this virus than go the windows and program files folder to remove the entire relevant file to FBI Moneypak Spyware and adware.

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